Friday, March 24, 2006


Do some guys have to have gigantic trucks with gigantic wheels? And then they don't care whether or not they are blocking you into the parking lot and leave themselves so that you can't get them to move their stupid truck.

So my problem isn't really that they have gigantic trucks because I can understand the desire to have a gigantic truck. I am male after all.

My problem really is why do people have absolutely no respect for others? Like when you go to a restaurant or a movie and there is a child there either running around the aisle playing or crying their heads off. And when I say restaurant I'm not talking about ChuckECheese or McDonald's, I'm talking about a nice quite sit down restaurant that I'm going to with my wife to have a nice meal and a nice conversation with her. And when I say movie I'm not talking about Ice Age or a children's movie, I'm talking about an R rated horror film or bloody action film. Both of these places are NOT for children, but their parents still take them there and when the children start acting up the parents ignore it expecting everyone else to ignore it as well. Now this isn't to say that I'm haven't been to either of these places and seen a child sleep through the entire thing or the parent quickly removed the child when they started acting up which I can deal with, but children still do not belong at either of these places in the first place.

Which brings me back to the topic of the truck. Let me give a little back story to this thing. The tires on this truck come up to my chest and I'm 6'3" which means just the tires on this thing are probably 5' tall. My wife and I live in a little condo complex that has 12 condos and a parking lot that has 24 spaces, 12 covered and 12 uncovered. Each condo gets 2 spaces assigned to them. The first time this guy parked this truck in the parking lot he parked it in a spot that didn't belong to whatever condo he or his friend lives in. This spot also ended up blocking people from being able to get their cars out of the parking lot. Then when every door was knocked on whoever the owner was either never answered the door or wasn't there. This morning the things disel engine woke not only my wife up, but also me with its rumble rumble rumble outside my bedroom window because he was having a problem getting the thing into the parking lot. And instead of taking that as a sign that he SHOULD NOT be parking the thing there he backs in and runs over the curb and sidewalk in front of my door to get it into the parking lot. Then decides to take up two entire parking spaces. Now, I have no idea if even one of these spaces belong to the person that owns the truck or is a friend of said person. But in either case this truck DOES NOT belong in the parking lot because it DOES NOT fit.

Do people no longer have any respect for people around them anymore?

Yes, I can understand wanting to see a horror or action movie or have a nice dinner with your husband/wife, but GET A BABYSITTER! Do not inflict your children on other people. Or if you don't want to get a babysitter the rent a movie or get take out and stay with your children at home.

Yes, I can understand wanting to have a gigantic truck, but if it doens't fit into the parking lot or into your assigned parking spots DO NOT PARK IT THERE.

My point is to be respectful of others. If you can't respect their space or their enjoyment then find another way. This world is full of options. Use them respectfully of others.


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